• terminal twilight Black and Blue (4-track 12", £9.25)

    label: Infinite Soundtracks

    This first of several recordings from Los Angeles-based male/female duo Terminal Twilight is a 45 of heavy disco beats, stardust synths, and ice-queen vocals that skews towards the dark corner of the dance floor. Taking their name from a track on Martha and the Muffins' classic new wave album Metro Music, Terminal Twilight draws from the deep legacy of both minimal synth and leftfield disco, making music for post-midnight dance floors and the come-down ride home. Vintage synthesisers, processed guitars and dubby analogue effects lay an ever-shifting ground for vocalist Molly Frances' world-weary reflections. The Black and Blue 12" is a 20-minute narrative EP and DJ single mastered for maximum bass. It is packaged in graphically bold 2-colou r jackets. Lead track Black and Blue is a 7-and-a-half minute disco noir with a thundering kick drum, swelling string synths, and cavernous vocals that maps our current psycho-cultural malaise. The minimalist A side closer The Sea II drops out the beat to make room for a spacious vocal mix that segues into B side opener The Sea on a bed of warping organ, electric piano and washy synth drones. The Sea returns the beat to the foreground with accents of girl group finger snaps, ghostly organs and staccato synth stabs. The Lovers closes the record with a haunting vocal spliced over arpeggiated synths and subcutaneous guitars that recall a lost soundtrack mined from early '80s Italian horror movie archives. Black and Blue was recorded throughout 2009 in Terminal Twilight's Sound & Vision studio on the east side of Los Angeles, mastered by John Golden, and all keyboards were played in real time.

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