• emmett taylor with stephen eyre Emmett Taylor With Stephen Eyre (CD, £5.75)

    label: Erebus

    From St. Louis, Missouri. This early 1970s private press was EMMETT TAYLOR's sole LP. Presented here for the first time on CD. "What Emmett Taylor together with fellow singer Stephen Eyre have given us is your basic homemade monster mix of rock, psych and edgy acoustic rock tracks. On the heavier end are songs like `Men Of Delusion' and `Yes I Know', both driving underground rockers armed with fuzzed electric guitar leads. `Road Song' is another goodie, one that fashions a psychy hippie groove reminiscent of Country Joe & The Fish. `Found Real Peace', `Is He Free', `Spirit Of Love' and `He's Coming Back' are all spirited folk rock tracks, their acoustic frameworks enhanced with exciting electric guitar soloing. Even quieter acoustic songs like `Will It Ever Be Over?', the haunting, ethereal `For Grace And Peace' or the recorder-backed `Why' seem to possess a trippy edge. Pretty much top of the heap for male solo Jesus music LPs." - Ken Scott

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