• no more Midnight People & Lo-Life Stars (CD, £12.95)

    From early No-Wave to Dark/Gothic Underground, from EBM via Techno to Electroclash - and back again! This is NO MORE! In 1981, the German band landed the underground hit single SUICIDE COMMANDO, which spread internationally like a virus regardless of genre and scene. Whether in New York's Limelight, on the Love Parade in Berlin or in the soundtrack to the graffiti train writers movie "Dirty Handz", SUICIDE COMMANDO was played everywhere and reached a status that made the title feasible for prominent remixers. "MIDNIGHT PEOPLE & LO-LIFE STARS" is their first studio album since 1986. Inspired by European touring, NO MORE reflected their impressions in a kind of gonzo-journalism using cross-genre quotations and drifts, staying cool enough to risk their Coldwave Coolness for the joy of playing. The album's opener "Il Tempo Reale" brings back Krautock memories with a chorus line "Where have all the Zeitgeists gone?".

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