• vito Monument (digipak CD, £10.75)

    label: flowershop

    Welsh post-rock impresarios Vito’s sophomore ‘instrumental album with vocals’ was inspired by the idea of legacy and focuses on moments of ‘the here and now’ reflecting the band’s personal view that “everything you do should be done, as if it is the only opportunity you will get to do it” and this philosophy is personified in the meticulous care Vito have taken in writing and recording Monument over a three year period. Songs worked and reworked, dynamics honed and performances scrutinised to a point that enabled the band to achieve a virtually ‘live off the floor’ recording that neither required nor allowed the use of unlimited ‘overdubs’ and other studio trickery found in so much of today’s music. Closely intertwined in the Cardiff music scene that includes such Welsh luminaries as Super Furry Animals and Future Of The Left (who even name-check Vito's bassist Mark Foley on their seminal indie hit ‘Manchasm’) Monument is yet another musical export to make the city proud. Vito’s debut album Make Good Areas Disturbed was released in 2006 and saw the band tour extensively, and very successfully, throughout Europe not only as support but also as backing musicians to Robin Proper-Sheppard’s acoustic Sophia performances. Since 2007, the band and its various members certainly haven’t been quiet. Alongside appearances at the Cardiff-based Sŵn Festival (curated by BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens) and the highly respected Green Man Festival, all have been participating in other groups including the Webb Brothers, Martin Carr (Boo Radleys) and Matt Davies' (Funeral For A Friend) side-project Secret Show. Add in a few music/video contributions to the Respond/Ymateb Project at National Museum Wales and a remix album Other Distrurbed Areas and it’s easy to see where all the time has gone. Let’s welcome back Vito… Vito breathe the rarefied air of instrumental exponents Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky while providing the gut-wrenching noise and widescreen ambition of Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine. Tracklisting: 1. Reclaimed 2. Breaking the Fourth Wall 3. Monument 4. You Will Have Your Time 5. Give Me Eighteen Inches of Daylight 6. Modern Cult of Preservation 7. I Will Do What I Must 8. The Setting Sun

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