• lower dens I Get Nervous (7", £5.10)

    label: gnomonsong

    "I Get Nervous" is the lead single off Twin-Hand Movement, the album by Jana Hunter's band. "I Get Nervous" starts in a nebulous, weird place. It's a good half-minute of straight, building disorientation before the guitars swell, making room for a solid drumbeat: steady hi-hat, the snare and kick patiently tick-tocking. Guitars wash over everything and the overdriven bass keeps time with the cymbal, a strummed guitar now announces each measure, and by the time Hunter's voice finally drops like soft water out of the sky, you're floating on it. "In the same rich path, you and I align," goes one of the lines. It could very well be about the song itself. Its three and a half minutes never feel like enough. "Johnssong" follows a simple, if tense, narrative down a doo-wop road until the bottom drops and it suddenly veers into looping, perfectly suited guitar squall that escalates in thick shrieking layers before it finally crests, parting, making clear that sun-filled, awkward alley once again. The track features incredible harmonies between Lower Dens' female and male voices. "I Get Nervous" was recorded by Chris Freeland (Beat Babies, Baltimore), mixed by Chris Coady (DNA, NYC) and mastered by Sarah Register (The Lodge, NYC). "Johnssong" was recorded and mixed by Freeland at Beat Babies, Baltimore.

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