• pq You'll Never Find Us Here (CD, £10.25)

    label: expanding

    Samir Bekaert and Maarten Vanderwalle are from Bruges, Belgium. In their own words, PQ is a cinematic tapestry of lush ambient-acoustic melodies, merging endless layers of prepared guitars with crisp clouds of electronica. Propagating on - though not necessarily drawing from - influences ranging from Canadian apocalyptic post-rock to Nordic indietronica, and occasionally incorporating classical elements along the way, PQ provides a most titillating soundtrack to any willing contemporary image. PQ have a passion for cinematography, film music and all forms of soundtracks to moving images. They like classical and electric guitars blended into electronic textures and contexts. They like to create beautiful, haunting melodies. PQ have previously released a 7-inch 'Louise on Earth' / ‘Countdown To Elise’ at the end of 2008. ‘You’ll Never Find Us Here’ is their debut full length album.

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