• nick thayer Just Let Go (CD, £1.65)

    label: passenger

    Nick Thayer's remixes have snapped necks and turned heads in equal measure, his sets have decimated dance-floors the world over, his OG productions have garnered him accolades from everybody that matters, and now Melbourne's finest FINALLY drops his long awaited debut LP. Released in May 2010 through Passenger, 'Just Let It Go’ is a veritable blitzkrieg of sonic sound clashes, resolutely rooted in hip hop and club but defiantly straddling genres with eclectic precision. As legions of clubbers around the world - especially the denizens of Melbourne's notorious den of disco iniquity 'Revolver', where he has a residency - will testify to, NOBODY drops a set like Nick Thayer, and he's managed to translate that almighty amalgamation of beats for which he's famed into the studio arena. 'Just Let It Go' is the sound of the clubs, but with the coherency of something altogether more studied and planned out. That's not to say it's restrained - it's very much still a freight train on the edge of control, but it's been steered with such verve and confidence that although you may not know exactly where's it's heading, you know you're gonna enjoy the ride. It's a sonic sleight of hand - meticulously delivered yet somehow sounding gloriously off the cuff (and into the club). Passengers on this journey include Mike Beatz & Lex-One, Atlanta's premier rap renaissance man Sporty O, the cross cultural Anglo-African-Australian hip hop stylings of N'FA, and the inordinately hot Black Noise whom Nick collaborated with on 'Rockin' It' (initially released on Fatboy Slim's label Southern Fried). Lastly we have Nicks re-rub of Sway which he did for Dan Greenpeace, so good that we had to ensure it was placed as the finale to an awesome debut. TRACKLIST: 1: Bring On The Drums 2: Alarm Bells 3: Zombies 4: Can’t Touch Me Now ft. Lex One & Mike Beats 5: Let It Go ft. N’FA 6: The Pressure Point ft. Sporty-O 7: Contraband 8: Ca$h Money 9: Reach For The Lazers 10: Swan Dive 11: Give Me Some More ft. Sporty-O 12: Grey Sky Blue ft. N’FA 13: Gonna Getcha 14: Rockin’ It ft. Black Noise 15: Divide And Conquer BONUS TRACK 16: Mercedes Benz (Nick Thayer Club Dub) – ft. Sway

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