• flaspar Voice Rockets On the Satellites (CDR + Badge, £5.25)

    label: Dust Wind Tales

    Probably thee greatest long lost album there ever was. From the mind of Cody Brant and friends comes a pure interpretation of honest songwriting. Not what you may think of a current Flaspar album but it fits so very perfectly in their ongoing musical journey. Southern sound guitars, jamopka style stomps and incoherent lessons in the life of tiger cats spans this magical disc while covered deep in tar. Wear your free badge to complete this time you knew was coming. Picture stickered CDR packaged in a clear PVC case together with a cover featuring a collage by Cody. Oversized insert featuring credits and a robot picture. As a bonus there is a special pin badge featuring new Flaspar artwork and made especially for this release. (Edition of 80)

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