• steve miro Rude Intrusions / Second Sentence / Trilemna (double CD, £12.75)

    label: Boutique

    The Boutique Label presents the first ever CD reissues by cult Manchester artist Steve Miro, active between 1979 and 1984 on the highly collectible Object Music label. Remastered for this double CD featuring 150 minutes of music, the deluxe set features all three original Steve Miro vinyl albums Rude Intrusions (1980), Second Sentence (1981) and Trilemna (1984) as well as all four tracks from his early 7 singles on Object, and also five previously unreleased demo tracks. Guest musicians include members of Spherical Objects, and the sleevenotes were penned by Steve himself. Mixing strong songwriting and evocative new wave pop stylings, the set is a must for collectors of postpunk, new wave and experimental genres. Just 500 copies have been pressed. TRACKLIST: - CD1: 1. Up and About 2. Smiling in Reverse 3. Dreams of Desire 4. Queen of the Sea - Rude Intrusions (1980): 5. Choke It Back 6. Hammer and Tongs 7. Aint You Got No Life 8. Making Money 9. Give Me Back MyDice 10. Shadow Screen 11. Gin Video 12. Breaking 13. Jeans for China 14. Good Looking Girl 15. Its a Long Way to Paris16. Stuck For Words - Second Sentence (1981) 17. Gone Riding 18. Hit and Run 19. Something in a Nutshell 20. Mixed Opinions 21. Stories to Tell - CD2: 1. Stand Inside the Light 2. Steps Up 3. Fire Away Son 4. Hiding It All Away 5. Mutiny Trilemna (1984) 6. Hip Movies 7. Cameo 8. Lyndy Gone Dumb 9. No Sense At All 10. Pretend to Forget 11. Mary Mary 12. Barren Histories 13. Moon Rock 14. Picnics 15. Flying in the Face of Reason 16. Take One More Dance 17. Why Should It Happen 18. Shooting Down 19. Walking and Talking 20. Natural Girl

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