• teenage jesus and the jerks Shut Up and Bleed (LP, £22.50)

    label: Cherry Red Phonograph

    Formed by underground music gurus Lydia Lunch and James Chance in 1976, Teenage Jesus flourished in an underground scene that eschewed the commercialisation, triteness and idiocy of punk, dominated (particularly in the USA) by bands that, despite being decidedly marginalised, in some ways just wanted to have fun and get wasted on a Saturday night. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks was not about having fun. It was about nihilism and confrontation, about ripping mainstream society to shreds and dancing on its grave. The music, if you will, was more of a means to an end, almost a metaphor for how at odds the members felt with mainstream society, and it was this forceful message preached by this new prophet (the "Teenage Jesus") that has spoken to the past three decades of disillusioned youths. These 21 tracks taken from their brief time together (1977-1979) represent the bulk of their recorded material, including the band's earliest material (recorded in Soho, NYC in 1977 when James Chance was still in the band), their first single (Orphans / Less Of Me, 1978), their second single (Baby Doll / Freud In Flop / Race Mixing), songs from the "Pink EP", produced by Robert Quine of the Voidoids, and songs that appeared on the legendary 1978 "No New York" compilation etc. Track listing - Side A: 1. Red Alert [No New York] 2. Orphans [Orphans/Less Of Me 7"] 3. Burning Rubber [No New York] 4. The Closet [PRE 12" EP] 5. Less Of Me [PRE 12" EP] 6. Freud In Flop [7" single] 7. I Woke Up Dreaming [Hysterie] 8. Baby Doll [7" single] 9. Race Mixing [7" single] 10. Crown Of Thorns [Hysterie] 11. Less Of Me [Orphans/Less Of Me 7"] Side B: 1. My Eyes [PRE 12" EP] 2. Red Alert [Hysterie] 3. Burning Rubber [Hysterie] 4. The Closet [Hysterie] 5. Eliminate By Night [7" single] 6. I Woke Up Dreaming [No New York] 7. Roll Your Thunder [7" single] 8. No Morality [Live at Max's Kansas City] 9. Popularity Is So Boring [Live at Max's Kansas City] 10. Red Alert [Pink 12" EP]

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