• times Pop Goes Art! (LP, £16.50)

    label: Cherry Red Phonograph

    Side project of Television Personalities guitar player Ed Ball and singer Dan Treacy, only here Ball does vocals and Treacy plays guitar. The Times was Ball's own brilliant mod homage to the whole Carnaby Street scene. "Pop Goes Art!" was also the first release on Treacy and Ball's Whaam! label, and featured the hilarious Ray Davies-influenced "I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape" (Patrick McGoohan, of course, being the doomed star of the T.V. series, "The Prisoner"), "Miss London" and other forgotten classics. Track listing - Side A: 1. Picture Gallery 2. Biff! Bang! Pow! 3. It's Time! 4. If Now Is the Answer 5. A New Arrangement 6. Looking at the World Through Dark Shades 7. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape Side B: 1. Pop Goes Art! (Melody in Mono) 2. Miss London 3. The Sun Never Sets 4. Easy as Pie 5. This Is Tomorrow

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