• autistici Slow Temperature - Early Works (Vol. II) (CD, £8.75)

    label: Audiobulb

    Autistici is the alias of David Newman, who runs Audiobulb Records. He has also released works on a number of other labels including 12k, KESH, Wandering Ear, Kikapu and Hippocamp. This album brings together his archive material from 2001 to 2005. The collection features abstract ambience, a focus on microsounds and digital sculpting of audio from everyday objects. From the pitched down tones of an Asian dawn chorus (‘Waking The Sky’), drone tones and record player mechanics (‘Soft Grey Generator’), cutlery drawer clatters (‘Cutlery’) and animal calls against a tense farm environment (‘Farm’), each track represents a place and a part from Autistici’s life. ‘Slow Temperature’ is the bridge between his artistic conception and his ‘Volume Objects’ release on 12k in 2008. His works illustrate a fascination with the interplay of silence, space and sound. At times tiny explosions of electronic output are extrapolated into a compositional whole (‘Stone Steps Into Water’ and ‘Projections From A Prayer’). The album ends with ‘Workshop For Ambitious Dreamers’, a study into the manipulation of sinewaves, oscillators and analogue electro-harp plucks exploring themes of subjectivity and freedom in thought and speech.

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