• burn the negative How to Weigh the Human Soul (CD, £6.95)

    label: Gung Ho

    Formed in 2008 it’s been a whirlwind ride for nu-wave electro-popsters Burn The Negative. With their 2009 debut album ‘In The Atmosphere’ picking up rave reviews from the likes of The Fly, DJ and Clash as well being lauded by The Guardian as "consistently entertaining as anything the Killers have ever done". The creative vision behind their follow-up is very much drawn from the different characteristics of individuals and their personalities. How they interweave, change, at times disappoint, frustrate and then delight is reflected in both the creative, musical and lyrical content. It’s an album of light and shade, a black tinted rose that takes you on a journey of discovery through the subtle nuances of the mind and soul. The title itself references the theory that the human body loses 21 grams upon death begging the question "Is this the weight of the human soul?" It’s this concept that drives to the very core of the album manifested in the artwork painted by L.A. artist Kris Kahill. With new member Paolo Di Liberto taking over synth and programming duties a new lease of life has been breathed into the band. There is a definite step-up in terms of production, songwriting and maturity. They have developed their own recognisable sound and it’s a very honest album which is extremely refreshing. Lead single ‘Smash And Grab’ with its driven guitars, acerbic beat and anthemic chorus is a perfect summer track. Other stand-outs are ‘Bleeding Out’ with its phenomenal guitar riff and driving bass line, ‘She Sits In The Corner’ with its darkly beautiful vocal hook as well as ‘You Are Hollywood’ and ‘Simple Soul’. This is pop but not as we know it.

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