• enemy of the sun Caedium (digipak CD, £12.95)

    label: Massacre

    SECOND ALBUM FROM FORMER GRIP INC. AND MISERY INDEX MEMBERS. Enemy Of The Sun, the new group of producer wizard and guitarist Waldemar Sorychta, is back. Sorychta, who was involved in some of the most memorable moments of the likes of Moonspell, Lacuna Coil and Sentenced, as well as being the founder of bands such as Grip Inc. and Despair, decided to go quite the other way this time. While the 2007 debut 'Shadows' somewhat defined the undefinable sound of Enemy Of The Sun, it surely left many of its listeners puzzled. The range of influences is almost unimaginable, displaying the creative talent of Waldemar Sorychta in its most beautiful and insane form. As if everything he wanted to say was squeezed into one tiny package. If 'Shadows' was hard to get, so is 'Ceadium'. You simply cannot condense this kind of music into one or two words, and that's the most rewarding thing about it all. You've probably never heard metal this diverse and, at the same time, seen such different pieces fit so well together. The band around him is impressive, to say the least. The irresistible groove of Enemy Of The Sun comes from the wrists and fingertips of drummer Daniel Zeman, who is seriously proving himself among the elite, and bassist Alla Fedynitch, who has already proved herself touring with Pain. And, as if this wouldn't be enough, the group is fronted by Jules Naveri from the Finnish band Profane Omen, who is capable of delivering one of the most powerful and diverse voices around.

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