• autistici Resonating Wires (CD, £10.25)

    label: Audiobulb

    Autistici is David Newman, the label head of Audiobulb Records. His work usually exists within the zone of abstract experimental sound design, sculptured ambience and microsound. This allows his attention to detail and love of tint to interplay with melodic and/or abstract resonant textures. The track ‘Resonating Wire’ itself started as one vibrating wire from an acoustic guitar captured, sculpted and morphed into a buzzing pad of noise. Tiny details were added: xylophone, cello, double bass, electronics, and the crumpled sound of household objects exploited and manipulated. The original version can be found on the album ‘Complex Tone Test’. ‘Resonating Wires’ sees the process start again. It is an album of remixes by talented artists. It is also an album in its own right. That one vibrating wire and all the other elements are open to intense reinterpretation. The countless possibilities are explored and the palette is expanded. From Simon Scott’s minimal beginning, Bluermutt’s electro awaking, Sawako’s gentle and intimate vocalisations, Behan’s resonant and distorted drive, Lopez brings it back to minimal sounds objects, Isan, Hawgood & Norbury expand the original structures, Varis examines his world of disjointed objects, Chartier settles us with minimalism before He Can Jog’s warm electronic retro ending. ‘Resonating Wires’ aims to provide the listener with a journey through the possibilities of sound – at times quiet and minimal with space to breathe, at times loud and complex - building an all encompassing presence. TRACKLIST : 01. Orexis - Simon Scott 02. Telephone Lullaby – Bluermutt 03. Tide Ride – Sawako 04. Remix - Jimmy Behan 05. Untitled #241 - Francisco Lopez 06. Isan Ice Later – Isan 07. First - Justin Varis 08. Remix - Ian Hawgood & Danny Norbury 09. Wire.Re - Richard Chartier 10. Chorale Mix - He Can Jog

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