• clorox girls Clorox Girls (LP, £9.75)

    label: smartguy

    This record “has a basic goodness that is harder to ignore than a trouserful of antlers”. Recorded by Kurt Bloch at Egg Studios. New cover art screened by Free Porcupine Society. This three-piece from Portland plays what can best be described as high-energy, snotty, late '70s LA-style punk (though these “girls” aren’t stuck in the past), a time when punk was influenced by the likes of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens, Little Richard, Elvis, Howlin' Wolf... well, you get the idea. Not afraid to add a pop element to the mix, in these 12 songs you’ll also realise they value brevity. Clorox Girls create a contemporary urgent pop soundtrack, a captivating declaration of post-adolescent frustration, discourse, idealism and longing. Track Listing : 1 the one 2. walks the streets 3. not my hometown 4. the press 5. vietnam 6. time for losing 7. don’t take your life 8. emergency 9. golden boy 10. stuck in a whole 11. protect you girl 12. end of a fantasy

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