• angel hair Pregnant With the Senior Class (CD, £9.75)

    label: gravity

    Before the word "screamo" was a dirty word within the underground scene, ANGEL HAIR, alongside contemporaries Heroin, Rorschach and Moss Icon, started a small, but incredible sub-genre of aggressive music. Forming in 1992 and lasting until 1995, this influential group released a handful of 7"s and a 12", leaving a mark on the underground scene for years to come. If their music doesn’t speak enough to their importance, their pedigree does, with members going on to such genre mainstays as The VSS, Red Sparowes, Year Future and Subpoena The Past, and frontman Sonny Kay also running the GSL label for a number of years. After nearly two years out-of-print, ANGEL HAIR's discography is finally available again.

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