• crux Rev Smrti (CD, £4.75)

    label: I Hate Records

    CRUX was founded by bass player Roman Kříbek (also in DENET) and guitar player Petr “Blackosh“ Hošek (also in ROOT) in Czechoslovakia sometime between 1988-89. Later drummer René ”Evil“ Kostelník joined the band and in December 1991, about a year after the fall of the Communist regime, the three recorded the 7 track demo REV SMRTI. The demo became a perfect, audible example of the pressure years of Communistic oppression had built up inside the young Czech’s. REV SMRTI is a total outburst of dark creativity and sheer aggression, a Thrashing Blackness roaring along with ROOT’s magnificent Zjeveni, the fantastic Ritual by MASTERS HAMMER and BATHORY’s unparalleled The Return! The I Hate re-release of Rev Smrti will once and for all cement the name of CRUX in the line of famous Czech Metal acts such as ROOT, TÖRR and MASTERS HAMMER!

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