• toronto is the best!!!  (CD, £6.25)

    label: Blocks Recording Club

    A persuasive document of the Toronto-based Positive Music Explosion. Insane amounts of exclusive songs from NINJA HIGHSCHOOL, ANIMALMONSTER, THE HANK COLLECTIVE, THE BARCELONA PAVILION, LES MOUCHES, THE PHONEMES, THE MAGNETARS, THE BLANKKET, MATIAS ROZENBERG, FRANK FB_A, THE CREEPING NOBODIES, HEART MURMUR, JUST LIKE THE MOVIES, KICK MOUTH YOU, LENIN I SHUMOV, I CAN PUT MY ARM BACK ON YOU CANíT, CROSSBOW, PICASTRO, KIDS ON TV, THE CRAIG DUNSMUIR GUITARKESTRA, BOB WISEMAN, VOLLRATH and others. The basic idea behind the compilation is to express what is fast becomming self-evident: TORONTO is really a fantastic place to live and make music and lots of people are doing great things there.

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