• camo & krooked Can't Get Enough / Without You (12", £5.75)

    label: breakbeat kaos

    Pull up! The BBK crew are in town once more and as per usual they mean business. Having just caught everyone offguard with Adam F’s enormous 4/4 stomp with Redman it’s back to the drum & bass with a release from a duo who are simply everywhere right now, Camo & Krooked. Having had releases on the likes of Mainframe, Viper, Beta, Nasca and Renegade Hardware this Austrian partnership’s catalogue is already impressive but now with their debut single on Breakbeat Kaos, arguably the biggest D&B label in the world, their status looks set to sky-rocket. Make no mistake ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ rocks hard and rumour has it all those who’ve heard it so far have been left grinning for days afterwards. Intro’ing with feel-good piano stabs, soaring strings and the title vocal sample it’s not long before the floor drops away and in flows a nasty lone, twisted, filtered bass that’ll have faces wincing. An almighty crescendo ensues before a thunderous kick-snare combo romps in with the b-line and we’re away on a journey of dance floor annihilation. As if this wasn’t enough the pianos return later with a glorious wailing house vocal over the top to offer a little respite before that bass returns to bring it home. Essential. On to the second track and things lighten a little on ‘Without You’, an electro-edged slice of future D&B. A simple break leads us into a breakdown with a rather large arpeggiated synth riff that sets the scene alongside a cool vocoded ‘without you’ vocal. A mid-range reece stab toughens it up a little and signals the drop into a warm chordal organ bassline that rides underneath throughout to make this one shine. Fans of the Brookes Brothers should lap this up!

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