• fever fever Bloodless EP (5-track CD, £4.15)

    label: Cherryade

    Following two blistering, critically acclaimed vinyl singles, the Norwich 3-piece return with a CD EP packed with the kind of urgent, exhilarating pop thrills we’ve come to expect from Fever Fever. "Street fightin' art-punks par excellence. The brattish vocals and sleazy riffs make us want to dance, mamma!" - ARTROCKER (‘shock of the new’ featured band and SINGLE OF THE MONTH). "Three piece girl/boy sex sandwich. Stuttering guitar, firecracker drums, and agitated call-and-response vocals, go see them" - THE FLY. “Fever Fever are just plain ace, this girl-boy-girl three-piece just crackle with energy and ideas. It sounds gloriously chaotic but is somehow underpinned by a weird bastard logic. It’s like a sonic mass pub brawl but where one or two of the combatants are black belts in karate. Amidst the row there’s clever vocal harmonies and insane guitars. Yes yes yes” - TASTY FANZINE. “Up and at you gear shifting gusto that’s so acutely agitant in demeanour and delivery that it makes you wince and cower, a frenzied and furious fuck you. Essential of course but then did you really need to ask?” - LOSING TODAY. “Busy, catchy, muscled-up blasts. They're hatefully loveable and sonically superior” - UNPEELED. Track listing : 1. Bloodless 2 Static 3 Butcher’s Shop 4 Mouth House 5 Black Lung

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