• ste mccabe Harrowing Breakdown EP (5-track CD, £4.15)

    label: Cherryade

    Following the success of 2009ís controversial sophomore album, Murder Music, Manchesterís queer pop punk superstar has had a whirlwind year which has seen him playing gigs all over Europe as well as at Londonís prestigious literary festival and hosting an event at the London fringe. He has also gained celebrity fans such as Boy George and has collaborated with David Hoyle on a number of projects as well as being featured in publications as diverse as Artrocker and Gay Times, and has generally continued to build his reputation as one of the most exciting and outspoken queer artists in the UK today. This EP sees him in a more positive, upbeat mood than on the intensely dark and angry masterpiece, Murder Music, but this is not to say that Ste has lost any of his righteously angry edge, the lyrics on Harrowing Breakdown being as sharp and cutting and darkly funny as ever. However, they are backed by some of the catchiest tunes youíll hear all year, proving that the dancefloor is a perfect place for a riot! Track listing: 1 Harrowing Breakdown, 2 Make Your Own Kind Of Music (feat. Maria and the Gay), 3 Ste Mccabe Ė One Lloyds TSB Ė Nil, 4 Thatís Not Very Funny, 5 Murder Music (remix)

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