• mutated forms Doubts / Ready When You Are VIP (12", £5.75)

    label: Grid Recordings U.K.

    Hot on the heels of their summertime anthem with Jenna G Last Time, Mutated Forms completely flip the script and show their downright dark and angry side for this single on Grid. Both tracks have received massive support across all of the specialist shows on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra with repeat plays from Bailey, Grooverider, Crissy Criss and Fabio, and out in clubland these tracks have had the seal of approval from DJs including Goldie and DJ Hype. Doubts begins with eerie atmospherics, pulsating sub bass and light percussion which create an uneasy calm. This calm is quickly torn apart by an absolutely huge bulldozer bassline, demolishing everything in its path. Not for the faint hearted! Ready When You Are VIP takes the title track from their recent EP and reworks it into a cheeky half time drumstep tearer. Absolutely disgusting distortion on the bass coupled with tight snappy drums, this VIP continually evolves taking a new twist at every turn.

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