• hotpants romance The International Hotpants Romance (CD, £9.75)

    label: Cherryade

    On the 14th February, 2005 Hotpants Romance formed two hours before their first gig, with a vow to play once a year on Valentine's Day. After a storming two and a half song set the audience wanted more. The original plan was dropped in favour of playing anywhere and everywhere that anyone would have them. Following a terrible second gig hot pants became compulsory and Hotpants Romance soon became the talk of the Manchester music scene. After a year or two of playing gigs in bedrooms they found themselves on the megabus taking their own brand of pop music the length and breadth of the country. In 2008 Nightingale Robert Lloyd released the first Hotpants Romance album on his Big Print label. Itís a Heatwave crashed into the world, catching the attention of music press and radio stations to great critical acclaim. Their long-awaited sophomore album offers even more gloriously unashamed shambolic thrills than their debut, and features 12 essential pop songs. Track Listing: 1Go Dancing, 2 I Know You Can Drive, 3Blackpool, 4 Relax, 5 I Remember You, 6 Strike, 7 Emails, 8 The Internet, 9 The Knife, 10 Youíre Not Funny, 11 OCD, 12 Summer Romance

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