• klaus kinski Skellington Horse (CD, £11.95)

    label: ankst

    Klaus Kinski formed a few years back in the graveyard of a freshly burnt church in Llanfairfechan (on the North Wales coast and known affectionately by the locals as Transylfechan) by old friends Jake McKenna and Edwin Stevens. Originally formed to channel their love of Bauhaus, Satanism and Herzog films into a musical project the band has now become a five piece guilt ridden no-wave post-punk flamingo with massive delusions of grandeur, incorporating pin-up singer James, and the duelling guitar axes of Dom and Dyl. All five members have relocated from the Welsh coast to city centre Manchester. Their debut album was recorded under the guidance of producer David Wrench at Bryn Derwen Studios. "I'm pretty much a sucker for any Welsh groups that display significant Birthday Party damage, so Klaus Kinski are pretty hard to resist. They're much more scrabbled and trebly than their models, but that's just the tenor of the times, eh? Primal raunch vom" - Byron Coley (The Wire). "They make the most unhinged and primal racket that I have ever heard. It's mercurial and surreal: the Birthday Party fronted by a psychotic Spike Milligan. If you like your music unstable, bust into a thousand unexpected shapes and ultimately thrilling, this band are for you" - Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales).

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