• abominable iron sloth The Id Will Overcome (CD, £1.75)

    label: Black Market Activities

    According to the cartoon in the liner notes of their 2006 debut, The Abominable Iron Sloth was once a regular, non-abominable, non-iron megatherium (“giant sloth” for the layman) who had the dumb luck to get frozen alive in an avalanche. A bunch of proto sludge fans found him, decided he was their new kick-ass god, thawed him out, made him a nifty suit of armour and died, amazed that this critter turned against them in the throes of a crazed bloodlust. In true painfully slow sloth style, their follow up release is available almost 4 years later to the day with true-life tales of misery every step of the way appropriately commemorating their cacophonous sound and post-apocalyptic lyrical style. During the interim, Justin Godfrey - Sloth mastermind and only mainstay member - has found himself floundering around the northwest with a wife and lineup that didn't take things quite as seriously as he had, first hand encounters with foreclosure and unemployment, and on-tour battles with pneumonia, food poisoning, massive ice storms and other obstacles of nature. Add to that a slight identity crisis (flip-flopping Abominable for Indomitable for a brief second), a couple of album title changes and the folding of prior label, Arclight Communications just months before the album was due to be released almost two years ago, and you have a ride that is as interesting as the 1986 Toyota Camry Hearse the band initially toured in. Self-described as being "Doom metal for stoners with ADD", the tumultuous four-year journey has been worth the wait with 'The Id Will Overcome' as the end result. A vicious slab of distorted riffs tuned to G# and presented in 1-3 minute pop song format, The Sloth like to keep things quick and furious. "It's like old nihilistic punk rock, but doom," says Godfrey. He went on to cite an eclectic range of influences from Yob, Training for Utopia and Will Haven to David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and The B-52's. The album is heavy and breathtaking. The lineup is stable. The Abominable Iron Sloth has finally been resurrected to exact its wrath across America and the world once again.

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