• voidwork Horror/Forsaken (digipak CD, £8.50)

    label: Black Drone

    A beautiful release by VoidWork featuring Ann-Mari from Arcana on vocals. Comes in a 4-panel digipak. Horror/Forsaken is a double album based loosely on the concepts of fear, abandonment and mankind's meaningless place in an impersonal Universe. "Horror", the first half of the release, is relatively song oriented and was inspired musically by nineties dark wave, as well as traditional melodies of both Eastern and Western culture. "Forsaken" mainly carries traditional dark ambient influences and focuses on atmosphere rather than on conventional song structure or sound. Both dark halves come together to make a black whole that is organic in its origin and purpose. From waking to sleep, birth to death. "Simply breathtaking all the way around" - Absolute Zero Media. "The band have managed to master the art of combining the harsh with the melodic, the dark with the beautiful the result of which is an utterly compelling listen" - Reflections of Darkness.

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