• fat worm of error Broods (LP, £14.25)

    label: Ecstatic Peace

    Maybe its something in the raw cows' milk one can so easily procure in Western Massachusetts, or maybe it’s that lysergic haze of Berkshire foothill emanation, but whatever it may be, it is most definitely in manifestation as the five-headed rock n’ noise n’ bleet n’ zzrrp n’ roll n’ weirdcore phenomenon known only as FAT WORM OF ERROR. After more than six years of live gig decimation and confusion and a smattering of cassettes, cdrs, “legit” LP releases (on labels as swank, LOAD and Ultra Eczema), FWOE has become, along with Noise Nomads and Dinosaur Jr, one of the most astounding musical factors in the Pioneer Valley. It was after being stunned into melted delight one evening at their local hang by the dead battery guitar, silent psycho-killer bass, drums punked beyond the free thump joy of John Stevens n’ Drumbo, and the supremely swinging costume-cuhraziness of the FREEKwency singer…that Ecstatic Peace wanted to do a, ahem, “proper” LP. Put this genius fringe into the studio with Justin Pizzoferrato (that’s right, the guy who helps engineer J Mascis and T Moore sides) and capture the delirious magic of FWOE in their inimitable prime. And they did! And Mark Beyer did the cover art! And the drummer's name is Neel Young!

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