• leslie keffer Give It Up / Dormant Torment (12", £4.70)

    label: Ecstatic Peace

    Leslie Keffer has been one of the most startling and provocative practitioners of 21st century USA noise music since her first harsh emanations on the cassette underground in the early 2000s. Ecstatic Peace released her first full length LP Feels Like Frenching and it was hailed as a cornerstone in new blood noise exploration. On this 12, which has been waiting to be issued nigh on two years, she joins forces with local Nashville rockers John Eatherly (Be Your Own Pet, Jemina Pearl), Steve Poulton (Paul K & The Weathermen) and fellow noise artist Valerie Martino (Unicorn Hard-on). These two tracks are a departure from the pure noise action Leslie is known for and present her current trajectory into hypno dance dub psychosis with waves of junk filtered radio wash and siren chants. As with the LP, the artwork by Adriane Schramm is astounding.

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