• sand band All Through the Night (CD, £11.95)

    label: Deltasonic

    The Sand Band is focused around long time musical soul mates David McDonnell and Scott Marmion, who first met whilst pushing pianos around a music shop and quickly formed a musical bond founded on their mutual love of artists such as Calexico, Spiritualized, Nick Cave, The Verve, Elliott Smith, Jackson C. Frank, Oasis, Sparklehorse, The Beatles, Neil Young and Big Star among others. A shared love of artists such as these were soon channelled through an old 8-track and ultimately became their debut album, which was written, recorded and mixed by them at their home studio, The Ether. They began recording in Winter 2009 and finished in Summer 2010. On his journey to becoming a songwriter/producer for The Sand Band, David McDonnell has played guitar for both Richard Ashcroft and The Coral. The album’s heart beats somewhere between Gospel and Folk, touching upon themes such as love, death, sorrow, religion and loss, yet with truly achingly beautiful melodies ultimately laced with hope. Band: David McDonnell – Guitar and Vocals, Scott Marmion – Pedal Steel, Jay Sharrock – Drums, Max Goldberg – Guitar.

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