• bird by snow Common Wealth (white vinyl LP, £17.25)

    label: Gnome Life

    Recording as Bird By Snow, Fletcher Tucker has been releasing deep, genre-refracting sounds for five years with his output varying from dreamy drones to eccentric lo-fi folk to mountainous dub. "Common Wealth" finds Tucker masterfully refining his songcraft with powerful arrangements, graceful melodies, and moving poetic imagery. The songs feel as though they were harvested (rather than written) from somewhere ancient, mysterious and otherworldly. Recorded with Tim Green (who has produced records by Joanna Newsom, Daniel Higgs, Wolves In the Throne Room, Six Organs of Admittance and many more) this album embraces the West African and dub influences hinted at on Bird By Snow's previous work. Both shimmering and shadowy, the gorgeous psych-pop on "Common Wealth" explores moments where friendship, the wild, love, primitive practice, community, and the broader literature of the present moment make the heat haze of separation look less convincing. "The vocals sound round and full, like being surrounded by a blanket and then the blanket turns out to actually be some dude’s voice. Which actually, if you really think about it hard, is kind of nightmarish… so maybe don’t think about it that hard. This voice paired with tiptoeing guitar lines and the soft hiss of empty space is basically what it feels like to hole up in a warm wood cabin for awhile" - The Fader. Tracks : 1. Wobbly Legs 2. Friends in the City 3. One White Flag 4. There is a Marriage 5. As we are now 6. Without Reaching 7. Across the Water. 550 copies, deluxe vinyl, 10" colour-photo/lyric book, Mp3 coupon.

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