• raed yassin The New Album (numbered CD, £16.75)

    label: Annihaya

    Beirut born and bred artist, part-time curator, filmmaker and musician, Raed Yassin graduated from the theatre department in the Lebanese university in Beirut and has been working with image, music, text and concept ever since. His work is based on themes related to media, the city, the history of contemporary art, Arabic cinema, pornography, pop culture, disasters and archived media. Both solo outings and collaborations have summoned him to perform or exhibit across Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Japan. For “The New Album” Raed uses a combination of turntablism and electronics, digging deep into his collection of vintage/hard to find LPs of popular Arabic music, shuffling and reworking them in his highly recognisable style and sensibility. Lovingly packaged within a 26cm x 40cm, stamped limited edition of 500 copies, full colour fold-out poster portraying the musician, the work of local artist Hatem Imam, with liner notes in both Arabic and English.

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