• cough / wounded kings An Introduction to the Black Arts (LP, £12.50)

    label: forcefield

    In deluxe gatefold sleeve! This excellent split pulls off one of those relatively difficult feats: bringing together artists of generally disparate styles to vie for your earspace without coming across like a random combination or mere pastiche. Cough's nastier, caustic approach to corrosive doom doesn't necessarily find an echo in the smoother, more traditional doom stylings of British gents The Wounded Kings. What ties this split together, then, is not texture but structure. The split plays like an occult unity of, if not opposites, then at least tangents. Each group brings a lengthy, multi-section piece of music, and each speaks obliquely to the other by the sharing of structure, and the almost mathematical configuration of timing and movement. Thus, despite the obvious differences in their preferred brand of bleak musical output, these sonically dissimilar groups make sense together, at least with these two songs.

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