• pacific 231 1983-98 Compendium (double CD, £17.95)

    label: functional

    Pacific 231 have been active since 1981, starting with a limited edition Psychic Euthanasia tape recorded in total stereo. Pacific 231 evolved into VP 231 for a few years alongside Vox Populi!. His first LP "Unusual Perversions" was released in 1984. VP 231 was eventually terminated following the L'Enfer Est Intime international double LP compilation. Today, Pacific 231 is co-producer on all his releases - from 1987's "Power Assume" second LP on Bunker Records in Canada to his most recent! This compendium is a selective collection of early 80s Pacific 231 works. More than 48 hours of recordings coming from reel-to-reel tapes have been unveiled and carefully converted to recover two hours' worth of material. The production has been split into two parts as the 1st CD is Studio and the 2nd is Live. As a matter of interest, for the "Unusual Perversions" fans out there, a good percentage of the archive is circa 1984 and previously unreleased.

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