• acrylics Lives and Treasure (CD, £10.25)

    label: Gung Ho

    After starting the project Standing Nudes and losing their rhythm section to MGMT, Molly Shea of Philly and Jason Klauber of NYC decided to form the Brooklyn-based Acrylics. What resulted is a mature spaceship discotheque pop, complete with vocal harmonies. Klauberís vocals sometimes border on Bright Eyes while Sheaís draw comparisons to Stevie Nicks "Lives and Treasure" follows you through the night, harping on themes of sleep, insomnia, and dreams. These songs are like the curtains in your bedroom, billowing from the wind that chases the glow from the streetlight through your open window. Itís the perfect setting for a secret, late-night, loversí rendezvous. TRACKLISTING: 1. Counting Sheep 2. Molly's Vertigo 3. The Window 4. Sparrow Song 5. Nightwatch 6. Tortoise Shell Shades 7. It's Cool Here 8. Asian Pear 9. Lives And Treasure 10. The Catacombs

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