• hole punch generation The Hole Punch Generation (CD, £10.25)

    label: Audiobulb

    Formed in Boston in 2006, The Hole Punch Generation employ vocals, guitar, synth, bass and drums to create a thick emotional stew of spectral electronics and shoegaze, recalling elements of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, M83 and Coldplay, yet strangely sounding like none of the above, only themselves. Their production techniques are intricate and lengthy, using custom analogue synth patches, hacked game boy chips and abstract field recordings, yet despite this experimental approach in the studio, every tune begins as a song. Their eponymous debut album showcases their sophisticated sound. Each track soars and glides across manipulated electronics, shoegaze guitar riffs and the unique outpouring of falsetto vocals. The pure emotional rawness of the tracks shines through – each one with a simple message tackling the existential issues of life, love, loss and decay. From the pleading outstretched message of the opener ‘Don’t Go’, the listener is introduced to the mindset of young men who are in touch with their emotions and needs as human beings and who demonstrate an intense empathy in communicating them, both lyrically and figuratively in their music, which is defined by its intensity and beauty. Amongst the beats and electronic swathes is the voice of Patrick Balthrop, which is in turn haunting, ancient and desperately vulnerable. It provides an acute emotional hit that never feels manipulative or forced, and can rip your heart out without compromising a sound that is inspiring, uplifting and beautiful. "Oozy shoegaze riffs cut with syrupy, demure vocals. Heavy enough for the rawkers, delicate enough for the bedroom" – Spin Magazine. TRACK LIST : 01. Don't' Go 02. They're On To Me 03. Shallow 04. Strap Up 05. Conversations 06. Run 07. Reprise 08. Stoned 09. Masquerades 10. The Morning After 11. Buried Alive 12. Coyotes

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