• mamiffer Mare Decendrii (CD, £13.75)

    label: Conspiracy

    “Mare Decendrii” was co-produced by Mamiffer and Randall Dunn (SunnO))), Earth, Bjork, Six Organs of Admittance, etc) • Mamiffer is the creation of Faith Coloccia who has been or is a current member of Pyramids, Everlovely Lightningheart and House of Low Culture. The current line up of Mamiffer is comprised of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Greymachine, Lotus Eaters, etc.) • Also on this recording are: Eyvind Kang (Tzadik Records, Ipecac Records, collaborator with Mike Patton, Animal Collective, etc), Don McGreavy (Earth), Joe Preston (Thrones), Mika Ratto and Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle), etc. “Mamiffer combine piano, synthesizer, guitar and field recordings to drum up a mood that is both beguiling and terrifying.” -The Wire “...Mamiffer slowly unfurls a tapestry of lamented piano and near-penitent somberness punctuated by toll-like drum blows. ...It’s extended piano/guitar sequences are things of exquisite beauty and restraint, drawing down the curtain on a most satisfying subterranean collaboration.” -Rock-A-Rolla “..this is a jaw-dropping, out-of-nowhere creation where the listener has been given permission to enter a hermetic, personal sound world that has been painstakingly created with meticulous attention to detail - all built up from Faith Coloccia’s highly individual piano compositions with stunning production from Randall Dunn and string arrangements courtesy of Eyvind Kang. There is something obsessively beautiful about this work that really appeals to me and will undoubtedly appeal to many other people who are willing to really listen.” - Oren Ambarchi “The architecture of this album struck me as being ambitious, brave and quite delicate… it’s a courageous piece. The album also has an amazing cast of some of the west coasts finest minds of experimental music: Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kenney, Timba Harris, Don McGreavy… and last but not least Aaron Turner.” - Stephen O’Malley. TRACK LISTING: 1. As Freedom Rings / 2. We Speak in the Dark / 3. Blanket of Ash 4. Eating Our Bodies / 5. Iron Water

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