• johnny blackburn & mary lauren Echoes of Love's Reality (CD, £7.95)

    label: Bella Terra

    "Most would probably agree that this is one of the very best psych-style LPs from the 1980s. Not retro at all but a piece of the late 1960s preserved from time's rust. Male/female vocals lament and serenade "the quest for knowledge of love and beauty" in an appealing soundscape, with lyrical guitar leads throughout, good use of mellotron, occasional tablas, flute and bells. The recording has a definite 1981 sound but this somehow becomes an advantage. Moments such as "Beautiful Dreamer" go truly deep and there's not a questionable song on it. Obviously superior to "collectable" 1970s hippie couple albums like Susan & Richard Thomas, this is recommended to anyone open for a folk psych trip inside the melancholy and bliss of romance" - Acid Archives. Limited edition, paper sleeve, 24-bit re-master, mini booklet included, first time on CD.

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