• jeff eubank A Street Called Straight (CD, £7.95)

    label: Bella Terra

    What if yacht rock was deep and soulful and you were able to listen without that burning feeling? What if it came from Kansas City in 1983 and when people started hearing it 20 years later, everyone realised it was one of the best things ever? Wouldn't that be strange? People are just starting to catch up with the genius of this professional-quality private press recording originally produced in an edition of 500. The vocals and playing are supple and the compositions truly brilliant! Jeff Hassett of waxidermy.com put it best when he wrote, "I have to admit that when I first held Eubank in my hands and gazed upon the flimsy, ugly cover I felt dread deep in the pit of my stomach. I played it once and was all like ughhh whatever... but then almost immediately I wanted to play it again... and again..." Highly recommended for fans of Bobb Trimble, Robert Lester Folsom, Anonymous, and other purveyors of lost late 70s / early 80s music. First time on CD. Paper sleeve, 24-bit/96kHz remastering with liner notes.

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