• george-edwards group 38:38 (CD, £7.95)

    label: Bella Terra

    This is one of the rarest private press albums of all time. '38:38' departs from the norm of the genre: instead of a lo-fi demo quality outing elevated mainly by dealer hype, this album is a haunting piece of music that offers an unusually highbrow take on the archetypal Midwestern rock 'n' roll existentialism usually addressed with a solid beat and sneering vocal. Crafting their sound out of the many influences of the day, Edward Balian and Ray George created pop music with acoustic guitars and harmonies, heavily reverberant piano riffs, cold sheets of synthesiser, bells and chimes. First time on CD format, with 4 bonus tracks. Paper sleeve/Gatefold. 24-bit re-mastering(2009). Liner notes. Limited edition.

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