• brookes brothers feat. robert owens / brookes brothers Beautiful / Souvenir (12", £5.75)

    label: breakbeat kaos

    Since they first burst onto the scene with their own unique brand of highly charged, uplifting dance floor drum & bass there are few who can deny the impact the Brookes Brothers have had in creating the current wave of feel-good music that perpetuates throughout the D&B movement. As we get set for their incredible debut self-titled album the BBK clan unleash one final single taken from it, and what a release to set us up for possibly the biggest drum & bass album of its kind this year! ‘ Beautiful’ is pure, unadulterated Brookes Brothers at their best. Dripping with sumptuous orchestration and soaring vocals from none other than the legendary Robert Owens, it’s been raising roofs for those few DJs that have been lucky enough to be given it already. An outrageously cool half-time intro, disco synths, Owens’ vocal and gorgeous piano riff all combine over the tough beats and bass to create yet another sunshine stormer from the Brookes. This one parts clouds, believe! Moving on and the brothers give us something very different but equally joyous; ‘ Souvenir’ is an old-skool rush full of ethereal pads and twinkling fx that drip over shuffling breaks and a bassline that harks back to the golden years of the jungle days. Jazz sensibilities drop in throughout and pave the way to a breakdown to make your spine tingle. Aweinspring stuff indeed.

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