• crime desire Alone In a Dream (5-track LP, £7.95)

    label: gravity

    Alone In A Dream marks a further step in the straight forward, gruff vocalled, riff driven hardcore punk direction the band took on their Every Day In Chains EP. With clear nods to Discharge, Antisect and Celtic Frost, coupled with a healthy dose of 80s death rock, Alone In A Dream will prove to be a revelation for those who appreciate traditional hardcore with a darker atmosphere. Contributing in no small part to said atmosphere are the guest vocals of Gitane Demone, whose legendary wails graced the bulk of Christian Death's catalogue, and her daughter Zara, who plays in Gitane's newest outing, The Crystelles. Analogue purists will also be pleased to note that Alone In A Dream was recorded to tape and mastered to vinyl straight from the reels with care and attention by the fine people at Chicago Mastering Service, creating a warm, earthy sanctuary from the "loudness wars" madness of the digital media era. CRIME DESIRE has a history of going to great lengths to create hardcore records which are as idiosyncratic as they are abrasive, of which Alone In A Dream is their latest and greatest excursion.

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