• low anthem Charlie Darwin (7", £4.35)

    label: End of the Road Records

    "Time-honoured, and astonishingly innovative. It's alternately lovely and rollicking and it stopped us in our tracks the first time we heard it" - Paste (emerging artist December 2008). End of the Road Records releases a very special limited 7" from Providence, RI trio The Low Anthem. The single was originally released on THURSDAY 12th FEBRUARY 2009, or Darwin Day, to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin, a long term fascination of songwriter Ben Knox Miller. Asked to explain his interest in Darwin's theories, Miller says: "Animals crushing animals. Civilisations crushing civilisations. Millions of years of the powerful crushing the weak, and our civilisation and our morals are the survivors. What does that say about us? This record's about you and me, sitting on top of the food chain with too much time to think - too much time to write songs." The song itself is a beautiful piece of lilting Americana built around a minimal guitar, Knox Miller's delicate falsetto and soaring three part harmonies, exploring the tensions between the survival of the fittest and man's instinctive desire for community. Recording was done in January of 2008 in the bleak, off-season quiet of Block Island, RI. With producer Jesse Lauter the band assembled a portable recording rig which was transported by ferry out to the island and assembled in an empty summer cabin. The crackling of the wood stove and the rushing of sea breezes against the panes were the only foreign sounds the band heard, a quiet desolation that is reflected in the record. Hand screened sleeves.

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