• fallen angels The Great Society Sucks - Halloween 1968 (CD, £13.25)

    label: Cicadelic Records

    "We're not evil, but we do evil things. Anything to blow society's mind. When we play, we take people's brains out and then put them back in. A dry-cleaning job." So said The Fallen Angels' lead singer and songwriter, Jack Bryant, in an interview with the short-lived Dapper Magazine in 1968. Since that time there has never been a live performance from the 60s of The Fallen Angels released. This album seeks to rectify that situation and is a time capsule of that turbulent year. Since Washington DC was the home for The Fallen Angels, the band did not miss out on radicalising the 1968 Presidential elections - letting their disparaging views on LBJ and his "Great Society" be aired. Amidst all the politics is a great live performance, combining original songs from their two psychedelic albums ("No Way Out", "Poor Old Man") with a previously unreleased song ("Everything Would Be Fine"), along with covers of Dylan (done acid-rock style), Donovan (raga-rock style), and Love (the highlight of the show, "Signed DC", a nine minute tour de force, interrupted by a fist fight in the audience). The Fallen Angels broke up a year later, but not before blowing many a mind on the east coast during their glorious reign in Washington DC. Tracks: Everything Would Be Fine, The Great Society Sucks, Fat Angel (Fly Fallen Angel), Pegasus The Pig For President, No Way Out, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Season Of The Witch, Signed DC, Poor Old Man, All Along The Watchtower.

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