• richard h. kirk Meets the Truck Bombers of Suburbia Uptown Vol. 1 (CD, £8.75)

    label: intone

    This album sees Kirk moving into some harder sonic territory. Is it post-post punk? No but it’s punky reggae house party meets bashment electro tech dub. Featuring on vocals PAT RIOT, latest Kirk collaborator and local production krew and dub exterminators THE TRUCK BOMBERS OF SUBURBIA, whose name is derived from their ability to make bass sound like a truck bomb going off. Full on electro metal guitars ricochet from inside echoplex distortion to produce the perfect soundtrack to the smell of burning flesh as gung ho grunts melt defenceless women and children with their death rays. The time is right for fighting in the streets boy. Smoke 'em out of cyberspace back into a real place, screams Riot, echoing the b-movie western speak of Dubya. In the current scare culture, where everything is deemed a threat, the music seems to amplify the climate of paranoia, racism and Islamophobia that stalks the airwaves, TV screens and streets of planet earth... protest and survive. Tracks like the robo-dub middle eastern flavoured Goat Dub Reaction, or the early house feel of Back to the Sound take in many of Kirk’s influences over the years and set them in the context of now. 1/The truck bombers of suburbia 2/Who’s afraid (of the red white and blue) 3/Back to the sound (of the underground) 4/Goat dub reaction 5/Smoke em out 6/Desert rhumba 7/Theme from megaton city dreads 8/Symphonic decadence 9/Bring it down/crashing around 10/Heart and mind of dub

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