• gyratory system New Harmony (CD, £9.95)

    label: angular recording corporation

    Dr. Andrew Blick, the effects trumpet player, producer and driving force behind Gyratory System and ĎThe Processí - the recording and production technique he created - returns with their second album, named after a 19th Century socialist commune established in the US. The first Gyratory System album, ĎThe Sound-Board Breathesí, received widespread acclaim: strong radio support at Radio 1, 6Music and XFM; across the board great album reviews, including one of The Quietusís Top 10 albums of 2009; plus the band have won fans including Soulwax / 2ManyDJs, who invited them to join the bill at their Brixton Academy shows in 2010. Producer / trumpeter Andrew Blick has been holed-up perfecting a new batch of material using the bandís customised recording technique. Added to the melodic, Steve Reich / Harmonia feel of earlier material is an industrial, Einsturzende Neubauten / Cabaret Voltaire edge, plus an affinity with contemporary acts like Holy Fuck, Black Dice and Fuck Buttons. Andrew Blick is joined in Gyratory System by James Weaver on synth and bass, and Robin Blick (Snr) who plays multiple wind instruments. When not creating Gyratory Systemís blend of heavily treated wind instruments, synths and processed percussion, Dr. Blick is a constitutional historian and author who once worked at 10 Downing Street. His diverse musical background includes work with artists such as Damo Suzuki of Can, David Gedge of The Wedding Present and drum & bass DJ Grooverider. The late John Peel once joked on air that Blick had done so many sessions for so many different bands on his show that he should be banned from the Maida Vale Studios.

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