• zeus b. held Voice Versa (CD, £10.95)

    label: Boutique

    LTMís Boutique Label imprint presents a digitally remastered compilation CD of classic electro tracks by cult German producer and Vocoder maestro Zeus B. Held, recorded between 1978 and 1981. Having first made his name as keyboards player in progressive band Birth Control, Zeus formed one half of pioneering electro duo Gina X Performance in the late 1970s, as well as making the three solo albums (Attack Time, Europium and Zeusí Amusement) from which this new collection is compiled. The CD also features a reworking of signature GXP dance track Nice Mover, as well as a new edit of 1978 Eurodisco hit On the Road Again by Rockets, on which Zeus provided the vocodered voice and percussion as well as harmonica and synth. Featuring 18 tracks with a running time of 74 minutes, the booklet features archive Zeus images together with an essay on his pioneering use of the Vocoder by Raphael Smarzoch and artwork by Mickael Dard. Tracklist: 1. HELD IT 2. ON THE ROAD AGAIN (VV EDIT) 3. NICE MOVER (VV EDIT) 4. MUSIC, MUSIK, MUSIQUE 5. WHY CANíT I BE A SINGER? (VV EDIT) 6. FOOL ON THE HILL 7.SAGENHAFT 8 . FOUR PHASES OF AN IMAGISTíS BLUE 9. COLOURED TAN GO (VV EDIT) 10. MECHANICAL CHOIR 11. SOUND CITY SONG 12. EUROPIUM 13. GOODBYE EUROPE 14. DRIVE MY CAR 15. COWBOY ON THE BEACH 16. SOUND TRIGGER 17. ENFANT TERRIBLE 18. INTERMEZZO NEPALESE (VV EDIT)

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