• breaking the day Survived By None (CD, £11.25)

    label: In At the Deep End

    This Chatham based six piece have been stunning audiences throughout the country with ferocious live shows and their own brand of sludge metal since 2007. Fast-forward to 2011, with a self released EP, numerous tours and many shows with prestigious acts under their belts, Breaking The Day have refined and tempered their ironclad sound with ability and maturity far beyond their age. With an aural intensity leaning towards the Scandinavian bleakness of Cult Of Luna and Neurosis-esque guitar bludgeoning these guys are as passionate about what they do as they are visceral and uncompromising. Having caught their sound with the writing of the track ‘Pretty Girls Make Graves’ they have created an album that is as sinister as it is as heavy as hell. 'Survived By None' is one of the most menacing albums you'll hear all year, a sonic tidal wave crushing the masses.

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