• haxan cloak The Haxan Cloak (CD, £11.50)

    label: Aurora Borealis

    The Haxan Cloak album is barely believable. Exploring mystic and occult audio space with cello, field recordings , violins, hand-made percussion and the human voice, this is barely conceivable as an artist's first album. The depth and quality is on a par with Ben Frost/Tim Hecker. 8/10 REVIEW IN NME: MAKING HIS MARK FROM SCOTT WALKER'S LATER, DISCORDANT RECORDS, 'TILT' AND 'THE DRIFT' , KRILIC HAS MADE FRIGHTENING NOISE MUSIC FOR FRIGHTENING TIMES Combining elements of modern classical, film score and electronica with modern free folk and even metal sensibilities, The Haxan Cloak is a truly diverse album. 'Burning Touches Of Desire' brings to mind a sedated Prurient trapped on a galleon, whereas 'Fall' and 'Parting Chant' have the pathos of incredibly powerful modern classical pieces , with stunning vocal performances from collaborator Mikhail Karikis. 'The Growing' shows a more modern, more digital side with its nod to modern electronic and even dubstep in its processed percussion, though culminating in unexpected grindcore blast beats courtesy of noted tattoo artist and drum maestro Liam Sparkes (Trencher). Additional visceral power was gained thanks to the mastering of Kris Lapke, longtime cohort of NYC's Hospital Productions, home of Prurient amongst others. Tracklist: 1. Raven's Lament 2. An Archaic Device 3. Burning Torches Of Despair 4. Disorder 5. Fall 6. The Growing 7. In Memoriam 8. Parting Chant.

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