• a dancing beggar Follow the Dark As If It Were Light (CD, £13.25)

    label: Audiobulb

    A Dancing Beggar is 23-year-old UK-based musician James Simmons. Producing his debut full-length album in 2009 after the release of a six-track EP, ‘How They Grow’, the beautifully envisioned long-player ‘What We Left Behind’ is a collection of instrumental recordings where tenderly plucked guitar strings meet post-rock undercurrents and ambient field recordings. James’s work has been met with positive reviews from both the UK and international music press with the following notable reactions; Rock Sound - “An astonishingly assured piece of work”, Stool Pigeon - ”A Post-Rock treat”, Notion - “A wonderful, wordless music that also seeks to evoke memories of forgotten Summers days”, while prominent music website subba-cultcha.com awarded it 10/10 and US site Thesillentballet.com made A Dancing Beggar artist of the week as well as giving the album an honourable mention in its top 50 albums of 2009. A Dancing Beggar’s eagerly anticipated second album was written and recorded between July 2009 and July 2010, and was mixed and mastered by Ludovic Morin (Sigur Ros, Fleet Foxes, Beirut). Ludovic Morin’s masterful touch is apparent on the record and only enhances the lush arrangements and overall clarity of the recordings. These seven songs are journeys rather than standard arrangements of verses and choruses, as James takes a more mature, subtle approach to writing by applying soft piano loops, field recordings and tender vocals, presenting a more defined, restrained and minimal motif throughout. ‘Empty Boats’ is a song dedicated to sailors who have lost their lives at sea, while ‘Returning’ is simply inspired by driving home in a storm. ‘Follow The Dark As If It Were Light’ marks a change in direction for A Dancing Beggar, focusing on a softer, more personal sound, crafted out of homemade samples, ambient drones and delicate piano melodies, and has been compared to the likes of Sigur Ros and Grouper. TRACK LIST :01. Creeping Into Dusk 02. Empty Boats 03. Stars Bring Us Closer 04. There Is Hope Here 05. Returning 06. Forget This Place 07. Here Come The Wolves

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